Jun 24, 2010

Alien Hominid PS2 Cheats

Hidden Hats:
In the Options Menu, where you can rename your alien, use the following names to unlock hidden hats for the 2 player game:
* cletus
* april
* superfly
* goodman
* grrl
* abe
* princess
* dandy
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Jun 23, 2010

Allstar Fighting Festival PS2 Cheats

Command List and Second Costume - Finish Single Mode with a character to unlock his or her command list and second costume.
Gallery - Finish Single Mode two times with a character to unlock his or her gallery.
Last Boss' Gallery - Finish Single Mode two times with Riho Futaba to unlock the last boss' gallery.
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All Star Baseball 2005 PS2 Cheats

Easy Card Points:
Select quick play or franchise mode. Set the number of innings to 1 then score by any means while holding the CPU to a no hitter. When the single inning game ends, you will be awarded card points for having a perfect game and a no hitter.

Easy hits:
Pause game play immediately after the pitcher releases the ball. You will be able to see the pitching icon.

Easy season win:
In season mode, go to the GM office, then go to the player editor. Set all your players to A+ then go to all the other teams and make their All-Star players a D-.

Home Run Antics:
After hitting a home run, press L1 or R1 while your player is rounding third to make him gesture towards the crowd. The crowd will boo if you're away and cheer if you're the home team.

Move pitch after thrown:
Use the Right analog-stick to move a pitch after it is thrown.

Players will never retire:
If you do not want your players to retire, go to "Edit", then lower their age
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All Star Baseball 2004 PS2 Cheats

Hint: Get Tons of Points
Start a two-player game and proceed to strike out every batter on each side until the bottom of the ninth inning.

When you've got two outs at the bottom of the ninth, walk the next four hitters to earn enough points to buy 100 card packs, which should get you almost every card. If not, repeat and get yourself more card packs.

NOTE: This doesn't include special cards earned in Scenario Mode.

Hint: Homerun Taunting
Press L3 after hitting a homerun in an away game to taunt the crowd.

Press R1 after hitting a homerun, and rounding the bases to blow kisses to the crowd. Continue hitting R1 to jump on home plate.
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Backyard Wrestling PS2 Cheats

Use the following names for a created wrestler to turn on the associated cheat effect.
denicholas - invincible players
jche - player 1 is invincible
ddaniels - unlimited super moves for player 1
cbarlow - player 2 is invincible
jmaxwell - unlimited super moves for player 2
rtaylor - big head mode
okendall - big hand mode
tpiperi - big feet mode
tho - big evertything mode
jgintu - halo mode
pjefferies - ghost mode
ksimeonov - greyscale mode
ewilliams - wireframe mode
edma - first person camera
stomanovski - hardcore Al difficulty

Master Cheat:
At the main menu screen, hold L1 and then press X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE. You'll hear a sound if it's done correctly.

Unlock Clowning Around Video:
To get the Clowning Around video, complete the list given on the last stage at the television studio.

Unlock JCW Boys Video:
To unlock the JCW Boys video, complete the list given on the mall stage.

Unlock Jamie Madrox:
To unlock Jamie Madrox, beat the game with Sabu.

Unlock Tom Dub the Giant Killer:
To unlock Tom Dub you must first beat the game with any character to get Madman Pondo and then beat the game again with Madman Pondo.
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Allstar Baseball 2003 PS2 Cheats

New Homerun Angles:
When the Batter is rounding 3rd after a homerun hit press various buttons to see new view angles
More Points:
To get points for doing various 'feats' in the game. A easy one is to get 100 points for a perfect game. Do this by switching controls every time the CPU is up at bat and intentionally strike out.
Better hitting:
As soon as the pitch is thrown hit Start and see the ball path to see if it is a ball or strike. Adjust your cursor accordingly
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Allstar Baseball 2002 Cheats

Unlock Bonus Teams:
You can unlock two special bonus teams, the Dingers and the Islanders, by going into the Exhibition Mode and tapping R2+L2 at the team selection screen. Once you hear a gong sound, you will then be able to select either team.

If you don't hear the tone at first, tap the buttons until you do.

Unlock Dingers in Batting Practice:
To get the bonus team, the Austin Dingers, in Batting Practice enter that mode and then press R2+R1+L2+L1 at the team selection screen.

Hint: Alternate Uniforms
Press L1 or R1 in Exhibition mode.
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Alpine Racer 3 Cheats

Cybertrick Monster Track:
To gain access to the Cybertrick Monster Track you must win the Tournament Mode. After you finished the Tournament you will be able to play the Cybertrick Monster Track.
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