Jun 19, 2010

La Pucelle: Tacticse PS2 Cheats

Unlockable: Areas
Cave Of Trials: After leaving and then returning to the main continent for the first time the hidden cave will open to reveal the Cave Of Trials and its 5 levels.

Dark Shrine 2:
Complete the Cave of Trials

New Title for Prier, the Warp Engine, and the ability to Purify Boss Monsters: Defeat a level 500+ Demon Overlord

Another Title for Prier and the Light Year Cannon: Defeat 20 level 500+ Demon Overlords and 1 level 700+ Demon Overlord.

Unlock: Character "Also Cub"
Once you kill the Demon that killed the Forest Lord, make sure you go back to that same level. The Forest Lord's child "also cub" will now join your party.

Unlockable: Eringa Baal
Beat Lord of Terror Baal.

Unlockable: Lord of Terror Baal
Finish Dark Shrine 2.

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