Jun 8, 2010

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker Cheats

Unlock more parking levels:
Finish the four parking levels to unlock a fifth parking level. If you finsih that as well, you will unlock a sixth parking level as well.

Unlock the Nippon Maru:
At the title screen, hold X and press Start. Don't release X until the mode selection screen appears -or- Beat the game with all four characters to unlock the Nippon Maru.

18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker Unlockables:

Unlockable: How to Unlock:
Extra parking level - Beat the first 4 levels to unlock truckstop.
Extra Parking Levels!! - There Will Be 2 More Tracks,Truckstop And Factory 2!
Extra truck - Beat game once in arcade mode and a Chinese cabover truck
Get Engine Power Up - Beat Lizard Tail from Dallas to Las Vegas
Get Horn Power Up - Beat Lizard Tail from New York to Key West
Get Muffler Power Up - Beat Lizard Tail from St. Petersburg to Dallas
New driver - Finish arcade mode with all 4 original drivers
New Japanese Truck - Beat the arcade mode on normal difficulty with all 4 truckers
New Truck And Trailer - Beat Very Easy Mode With All The Truck And There Should Be A Tight Truck With Lights and 2 Trailers.Cool!

Nipon Maru Truck:
At the title screen hold X and press START. Continue to hold X to the Mode Select.

Unlock bonus trailers:
Finish arcade mode with all four characters to unlock two bonus trailers in score attack mode, versus mode, and arcade mode

1000 Bonus Points:
On the main menu select VERSUS, pick your truck and trailer and then press "a" Select Sea Side 1 as your game level, press "a", start of and when you get to and old ruddy looking building with a big garage crash it and it will say *Special* 1000 points

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