Jun 9, 2010

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War Cheats

Unlock Plane ADFX-01:
Beat campaign mode on any difficulty with all three different ace styles.

Unlockable Planes:
Complete the game once with any difficulty to unlock the F-22A. Complete the game twice with any difficulty but with a different ace style to unlock the X-02.

Obtain all supreme ace medals to unlock the ADF-01:
You will still need to buy those planes after being unlocked.

Obtain all supreme ace medals.

Beat the game twice in any difficulty but with a different ace style from your first game play.

Beat the game once in any difficulty.

Unlock Music Player:
Clear Campaign once, any difficulty

Unlock Scene Viewer:
Clear Campaign once, any difficulty

Restore health:
Pause game play, then hold L+R and press Y, Down, A, Up. the sound of a sword will confirm correct code entry.

Unlockable: Music Player
Finish the Campaign once on any difficulty.

Unlockable: Typhoon and SP colour scheme
You must shoot down the Rot Squadron in Mission 3, in the Mercenary Ace style.

Unlockable: Expert Difficulty
You must complete Hard Difficulty.

Acquire Mission Mode:
Complete Campaign Mode once.

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